Zenfolio | Southern Exposures Photography | Snow in the Smoky Mountains

The snow in the higher elevations of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park was a product of Hurricane Sandy meeting up with the advancing cold front resulting in the largest ever snow in October in the Smokies with 22" at Newfound Gap (on the road between Gatlinburg TN and Cherokee NC). Mt. Leconte received 36".

We got to Townsend TN on Saturday and it was misting or sprinkling and/or heavy overcast in the lower elevations through Tuesday but we went sightseeing and made some fall foliage photos anyway. We drove up to Newfound Gap on Monday afternoon Oct. 29 when they opened the road after 6" of snow had fallen at the Gap. It was snowing and we were in the clouds so there was no "view" at the overlook. It was magical! A “winter wonderland”! We went back up Wednesday afternoon when they opened the road again after the snow had moved on; finally a sunny day! The parking lot was packed with sightseers enjoying the spectacular snowy vistas.

On Tuesday we drove in light rain over to Cosby TN in the NE corner of the Smoky Mountains National Park where it began to snow and we drove through the campground there and then continued on state Hwy 32 heading south, a curvy and steep road at the eastern edge of the mountains to the end of the pavement, about 7 miles long. We ate lunch there and then went back the same way. Fortunately we only saw one or two other vehicles. It was snowing more as we climbed and the higher elevations were covered with wet snow, and it was breathtaking! Numbers 74 - 89 are from that trip.

The videos are at the end. All were made with the OM-D. The last 2 videos are on state hwy 32 out from Cosby. The rest are on the way to Newfound Gap.